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    Integrated ATPL includes a training from the first flight until the student graduates as a commercial pilot.

    The courses is designed to take 24 months.  

    What is included

    • Ground school

    • Flight training

      • Contact Flight: 24:45hrs​

      • Instrument Flight: 60:15hrs

      • Cross-Country Flight: 53:00hrs

      • Night Flight: 5:00hrs

      • Advanced UPRT: 03:00hrs

      • FNPT II: 40:00hrs

    • Combined APS MCC course​​

    • Uniform (2 shirts, 2 trousers, tie and epaulettes)

    • All study material

    • Accommodation in Portugal

      • This includes 3 meals per day​

    • Ground school material and books​

    Total cost is: 15.890.000ISK

    * The prices is based on the minimum number of flight hours and minimum training.

  • What is included:

    • Ground school

    • 40 hrs. in Full Flight Simulator (FFS) simulator (B737-8 MAX, B757-200, B767-300ER)*

    Price: ISK 1.690.000.-

    *Type of FFS depends on the availability.

    **Students who have completed MCC can add the APS MCC part. That part requires 20 hrs. in Full Flight Simulator (FFS). 
    The price for only the APS MCC part is ISK 890.000.-kr.

  • We do not publish prices for type rating training and other courses as the training depends highly on customer needs. Our price policy is to offer specifically tailored high quality training at a competitive prices.

    For price quotes, please reach out to us.

** Prices in Euros (EUR) are given based on ISK/EUR exchange rate of 154kr/EUR and can vary (01.02.2023)

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