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B737 cockpit
B737 overhead panel
Revalidation or renewals

Renew or revalidate your type rating with our expert assistance. If you're current, opt for the License Proficiency Check (LPC) directly. For expired ratings, our ATO evaluates your experience, ensuring compliance with EASA requirements before guiding you through the LPC.

Revalidation: If you are still current on type and willing to go straight for the License Proficiency Check (LPC). Refresher training before the LPC is optional.

Renewal: If your rating has expired, our ATO will evaluate your experience and recency on the type and make a recommendation in accordance with EASA requirements before going for the License Proficiency Check (LPC) in a simulator.

Aircraft Types

  • Boeing 737-CL/NG/MAX

  • Boeing 747

  • Boeing 757

  • Boeing 767

  • Airbus 320F

  • Airbus 330

  • King Air B200 

  • Twin Otter DHC-6

Please contact us for further information about the above-mentioned courses.

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