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ATPL Skill Test

Looking into unfreezing your ATPL? If you fulfill the below requirements you qualify for an ATPL Skill Test to lift your ATPL restriction.

  • Total hours:  at least 1500 hrs; where 100 hrs may be in FFS (25 hrs of these 100 hrs may be in FNPT II) 

  • Multi-pilot operations: at least 500 hrs

  • Total time as PIC or PICUS:

    • as PIC - at least 250 hrs; or 

    • as PICUS - at least 500 hrs; or

    • PIC at least 70 hrs and as PICUS at least 180 hrs.

  • X-C flying:  at least 200 hrs whereof PIC or PICUS at least 100 hrs

  • IFR flying: at least 75 hrs (30 hrs may be in FSTD)

  • At night as PIC or Co-pilot: at least 100 hrs

We can help you unfreeze your ATPL for the following aircraft types :

  • Boeing 737-CL/NG/MAX

  • Boeing 747

  • Boeing 757

  • Boeing 767

  • Airbus 320F

  • Airbus 330

  • King Air B200 

  • Twin Otter DHC-6

Please contact us for further information about the above-mentioned courses.

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