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Theoretical Training

Located at Skútuvogur 13A in Reykjavik, Iceland, our headquarters serve as the central hub for Icelandic Aviation Training. With modern offices, well-equipped meeting rooms, and advanced theoretical training facilities.

IAT - Classroom


As our main Full Flight Simulator (FFS) provider, CAE ICELANDAIR Flight Training stands as a pinnacle in European aviation education. Their state-of-the-art Training Center offers access to three Level-D UPRT approved Full Flight Simulators, catering to the B737-8 (MAX), B757-200 (FPDS), and B767-300ER (FPDS) as well as  providing comprehensive training amenities, including briefing facilities.

CAE Iceland full flight simulators

Aviation Facility

IAT has partnership with Sevenair Academy which is located in Ponte de Sor, Portugal. Sevenair Academy’s aviation facility spans 24,000 square meters, featuring a 1850-meter runway and a dedicated Instrument Landing System (ILS).


Ponte de Sor airport is renowned as one of Europe's best flying locations with an average of 320 days of fair weather annually. This strategic and well-equipped training base provides an advanced and fulfilling pilot training experience.


Thee facility offers an onsite campus with over 145 double rooms with private bathrooms. Our package includes cleaning service and a buffet. The campus offers 24/7 access and sport areas.


Learn more about Sevenair Academy using the links below.

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