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IAT offers exceptional flexibility and can customiseVarious training locations and scheduling to suit customer needs.

Our dedicated team of instructors have trained for smaller and major airlines throughout Europe including Icelandair, DHL AIR UK, European Air Transport, Olympus Airways, Bluebird Nordic, Smartlynx, Norlandair and Air Myflug to mention a few.


We aim to deliver highly trained professionals and the best quality in training services available to our customers. Our Instructors and Personnel with their profound knowledge and experience assure the best quality in your training as possible. As a newly established ATO built on a solid foundation we promise dedicated personal service to our customers.

Icelandic Aviation Training (IAT) is an Approved Training Organisation (IS.ATO.012), certified by the Icelandic Transport Authority (ICETRA) and fully compliant with EASA standards as issued by EU regulatory body.

IAT was founded by highly experienced training captains, instructors, and ATO personnel, some having more than 30 years experience in airline and ATO operations. IAT aims to offer exceptional services, including Type Rating and other Aviation Training courses and services.  

All IAT instructors are professional pilots, captains or cabin crew members, with extensive international experience.


We promise cost effective and competitive pricing for air operators and individuals.

Airbus cockpit

FSDT Approvals

The below full flight simulators are approved for our training courses. As our ATO will gain momentum we anticipate to add more simulators to our list of approved training devices. If your training requirements require a specifically located training device we can easily look into adding that device to our list of approved FSTDs.

  • B737 -8 (MAX) - Reykjavik, Iceland (EU-A0186)

  • B737-300 (CL) - Paris, France (FR-154) ​

  • B737-800 (NG) - Paris, France (FR-1132)

  • B757-200W - Reykjavik, Iceland (EU-A0066)​

  • B767-300ER - Reykjavik, Iceland (EU-A0187)​

  • B767-300ER - Paris, France (FR-140)

  • B767-300ER - Frankfurt, Germany (DE-1A-039)

  • B767-300ER - Gatwick, UK (EU-DK178C)

  • B767-300ER - Brussels, Belgium (EU-DK162)

  • Twin Otter DHC-6 - Toronto, Canada (EU-CH126/CU)

  • King Air B200 - Franborough, UK (EU-UKFS367)​

  • King Air B200 - Oslo, Norway (EU-DK1191)

ATO Approval

Below you can find a link to our ATO certificate, approved by the Icelandic Aviation Authorities


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